Have you ever stood at your garbage disposal with some hesitancy and a handful of broccoli? Many of us have. That is because when you buy a home with a garbage disposal, no one really gives you instructions on what goes in there and what doesn’t. But here are a few rules to follow to prevent you from having to call a plumber.

First of all, although it is called a “garbage” disposal, no non-food garbage should ever go in there. That includes paper, plastic, wrappers, etc. If you put regular garbage in your disposal, you will be needing some serious plumbing work eventually.

So now we have narrowed it down to just food garbage in your disposal. That does not mean that all food garbage should go in. Anything with bones or heavy fat should not really go into your disposal unless it is a bigger unit that is made t handle it.

Even when it comes to things like dense vegetables caution is still needed. Things like carrots, raw potatoes, and broccoli are very dense and, when ground up, create a plug for your drains. The solution is to just put these types of food in slowly and in small amounts.

Overall, you can put most foods in. If you are unsure though, be sure to test a small amount and to do it slowly.

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