Getting ready for some minor DIY projects for your home this month? Well here are 5 essential tools you will need for those projects….

One of the number one problems that homeowners have in their bathrooms….. a clogged toilet. So, it would stand to reason to have a toilet plunger handy in these situations. Another piece of equipment would be safety glasses, to protect your eyes while your working on with saws, in the sun, or with the installation of roofing sheets. A flashlight is another necessary piece of equipment in situations as well, and are extremely handy to have on hand.

A tape measure is another essential tool, to be able to measure a need dimension is essential for constructing and succeeding in your home project. A 5th tool/toolset you need would be a screwdriver set. Having a screwdriver set is necessary for taking outlet covers, switch plates, door handles, etc without a lot of heartache.

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