Safely Handling Trees Around The Home

Do you have a house with trees around it? Of course, most of the United State’s population have trees all around them, so when heavy storms come rolling through, what could happen? Unfortunately, trees have the potential to fall on family’s homes, and it happens a lot more then people think it does. How can you keep the risk of a tree falling down on your house to a minimum? Here’s a few tips for you.

Number 1: Make sure that all of your trees around your house are trimmed neatly, none of the branches are right up against the house, and that no tree roots are beginning to grow beside your foundation. When this happens, the roots can’t grow right into the foundation, but the roots can grow into cracks into the foundation and spread them apart. To keep this from happening in the first place, make sure that trees are far enough away from your house where if the tree roots grew, they have plenty of room to do so.

Number 2: You will also want to take down any trees that are currently within a 30-foot space around the house. Any number of trees can fall on your house during a storm, but if you pull them back far enough away from the house, your defensible space around the house will be perfect. If you do have to cut down trees that are right next to your house, make sure that an accredited professional handle this. If you were to do it by yourself, then you will cause more problems than there were before. By keeping track of these two helpful tips, you will continue to have a happy and safe environment for your family to grow in.

Beautiful white color single family home in Phoenix, Arizona USA with big green grass yard, large tree and roses
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