In more modern times we have become very aware of the hazards posed by lead-based materials which were used years ago in construction.  If you are thinking about buying an older property (more than 40 years old) is lead something you should be concerned about?

We know that small children, babies and those still in the womb are more susceptible to the harmful effects of lead.  This is something to consider for families in old homes.  One area where lead can commonly be found is paint.  Lead paint becomes a concern when it is deteriorating as it chips and turns to dust, this in turn will settle on floors and furniture throughout the home.  As children play in the home and run around, they will be more likely to become exposed to lead.  It is not just inside the home that lead can be found, if lead paint was used on the homes exterior it could also be found in the soil surrounding the house.  Another area you could discover lead is in piping which may have an effect on drinking water.

What if you live in a modern home, is there any chance that lead could be a problem there?  This can depend on the type of furniture the home has.  If you are someone who enjoys antique furniture then there is a chance that lead paint etc. was used on it.  Before purchasing a piece of antique furniture, make sure that if there is a possibility it contains lead, that it will not be kept in an area where there are children.

If you are concerned that lead is present in your home, why not have a home inspection performed?  This will let you know either way and, if lead is found, you will be advised on what action to take.

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